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About us

Love & Correction Room is a new ministry launch for this time. It's a teaching hub, of sorts, where we train, and equip believers that desire to become an effective witness for Christ and Soul-saving!



We believe that people can come to receive the truth of God in a dynamic way; whether through in house worship, or online. It's all about Jesus Christ, His truth and His correction in the room. When He is in the room, everything and everyone changes.

In this season, God has given Pastor Kevin, the authority to speak, teach, and declare the truth of His word. To not only teach it but set houses in order, correcting error, and preparing the Bride for its Groom.The word of God sets captives free, heal the sick, the broken, and set everyone that receives it, FREE! It has been long spoken and the time is Now!

Our mission is to expand the kingdom by introducing Jesus through Love & Correction Room, while taking “a fresh approach.” Our goal is to help those who know Christ, reach a level of maturity through expositing the word of God. We will unlock untaught trues hidden from the people God; learning  who we are, while discovering that there is “a more excellent way.” This will prepare many to know God like they've never known Him before while enlarging the kingdom. Ultimately, helping many come to Christ corrected.

"He sent His Word, and it Healed them..."

Kevin L. Lipsey

Lead Pastor &Teacher

Stephanie Lipsey
Jennier Williams
Jennifer Williams

Administrative Assistant

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Team Youth Director

Coming Soon!

Worship & Praise Pastor

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