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Room Project

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! To the all wise God; to Him be majesty, all the glory and honor. 


I would first like to thank each supporter of Love and Correction, The LACroom. Your participation and contributions have played a decisive role in assisting us in our efforts to distribute the truth of God’s Word. 

For those of you who desire to be a part of what God is doing for Love and Correction Ministries, and for those who aspire to be of great impact, we have an opportunity for you. 


Love and Correction’s LACroom has acquired a building to transition into full-time ministry while providing instruction and teaching of the Word of God, Outreach, and Media services for the community and beyond!





A Pastor and friend once told me, "A few committed people can shake the world when given the opportunity…" It is my belief that we are those people!

We ask that you pray, respond favorably and timely, with your generous donation! We appreciate your timely response!


Pastor Kevin & Stephanie Lipsey


LACroom Project


We would like to thank everyone who gave toward this building effort, "we are in!" We have come up with four tiers for you to give and assist in completing the vision! Please view video and tiers below!



Tier 1: 20 Donors can give $500


Tier 2: 40 Donors can give $250


Tier 3: 50 Donors can give $200


Tier 4: Minimally Donors can give $100

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