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1. Is LAC a church?

No. We are not a church. We are an organizational ministry that is a HUB for believers to receive training, to equip, and learn the word of God, that they may become effective witnesses for Christ. 

2. Do you have to be a member to receive teachings?

No, you do not have to be a member, however you do have to create a LOGIN to view the virtual online teachings.

3. If you are not a church, will you still have gatherings or services?

YES! We love the fellowship of God's people. Currently, we meet once a month for a dynamic time of praise, worship, and teaching! We announce date and time on our EVENTS page!

4. I like what your ministry represents, how can I be involved? 

You can become a PARTNER and assist us financially or become a part of our Core group! Email for more details.

5. I see you have a Pastor who leads the teachings, how can I found out more about him?

Learn more about our dynamic Pastor/Teacher, Kevin Lipsey Sr. at





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