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What We Must Consider


As I recall your attention in this ever expansion of a psychological deprived world led by man’s ideology; may I endeavor you to consider again the psychologies of God?


My friends, knowing that the mind of God differs from that of mortal man; let us be persuaded to inculcate this mind that was in Christ Jesus, may it be in us!


We must realize that the wisdom of God seats higher than that of man; and that, we must strive to reach where God is! (His thoughts are simply higher) This places man below God’s standard, and he must desire to choose far from his ability to provide for himself (Meaning, our first instinct is to think carnally.)


We must consider in this time and season, as well as the future, the things to come! We will embark on some challenging times; this will surely test our faith in the one we call our God! We’ve endured hardships with regard to this horrific pandemic; and many have lost loved ones along the way!

This was and is a prerequisite of the things ahead! We will see perilous times, famines, more schisms, revealings of evils never seen before in this particular time.


However, we will also see unexplained miracles, new signs and wonders for the people of God; He will protect, and provide for us.
My friends, we are indeed witnessing peculiar times. Commit to prayer and staying before God, and be diligent in obeying his every command. Let God think it and you obey & do it!


Love & Correction

Pastor Kevin L. Lipsey

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