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What We Do

The LAC Room is Love & Correction demonstrated in live and online sessions. These gatherings are to promote: Truth, an Understanding of Who we Are; To Know Salvation, How To View the Bible, promote Marriage & Family, and to implement Ministry Training. Our focus is to bring order and prospective according to the word of God. The present church as constructed does not do this, nor often look like the Bible, and that must change!


In the LAC Room, you and I don't matter! Remember, you're being Loved & Corrected! So, if you find yourself in the room, know that you were meant to be here, and Jesus will meet you right where you are.

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Jesus said I am truth, the way and the life.

No man comes to the Father, except by me. This true statement spawns an eternal love message of exactness, throughout the ages of a people, and mankind. It reaches to the height of all mans affairs and stands alone as Sola (supreme in authority).

Christ's truth is unchallenged, unmatched, and unconquerable; it will always prevail!.

Love & Correction is built on this truth.

We seek to propagate His truth, His way.

The word is clear, the gospel is an offense to them that are perishing; but to those who are being saved it is the power of God, forever changing lives!


Most of what we know and have learned as a people, came from a western cultural view. In recent years, it has come under intense scrutiny, warranting us to take a closer look. We as so-called African Americans, and people of color have been told falsities as to our origin and true identity.

Love & Correction seeks to expose the truth, and teach the truth from a biblical perspective. Helping our people and many others to know who we really are; because "We are the people!"

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This vi course helps us understand and retain What the bible is, Who is it written too, How it was written, Who is its focus, Why, and much more! 

You will grasp a better understanding of the Bible and God's intent through the inspiration of those chosen to share the gospel.


Ministry training is where we train members in understanding true ministry; that we may look like the Bible, and carry out each one's own mission ordained by God.

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What is Salvation? What did the Bible mean when it said that salvation is of the Hebrews first? Why is salvation important to us as the church? Why must we revisit its true meaning?

Find out in the LAC Room.

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Establishing the true meaning of marriage and family as God intended. Explaining and dissecting each role; male, female; and the children. Drawing a clear picture of the family that we can unlock our full potential as provided by God.

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